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Select Right System Statistics to show a direct link between sound hiring decisions and a company’s financial returns.

The challenge the employer faces is the applicant enters the hiring process prepared to emphasize their strengths and hide their weaknesses.

The Select Right System (SRS) is an investigative approach to applicant screening and is designed to assist the employer in detecting deceptive behavior and elicit the truth from the applicant.

The SRS system is broken down into three stages, the application stage, the interview stage and the background
check stage.

The main focus of this system is the interview stage. SRS encompasses “integrity style interviewing” and utilizes a technique known as Behavior Symptom Analysis.

In this segment, we will discuss the importance of behavior symptom analysis including the techniques used to elicit a truthful response from the applicant and detect deceitful behavior.

SRS utilizes direct questions during the interview process. Based on the applicant’s answer and body language the applicant displays, the interviewer can ask the appropriate follow up questions to get the complete and truthful response.

The principal behind behavior analysis is simple …

Deception causes anxiety and everybody wants to avoid anxiety, therefore, an applicants body language and type of response will indicate if the applicant is being truthful during the interview. If an employer is able to recognize these responses and ask the correct follow up questions then they will be able to detect when an applicant is not being truthful.

A proper hiring process will allow you to a make a better hiring decision, ultimately resulting in a productive staff

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