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H2Oasis Letter to SCORE 11-178696


Tulsa SCORE, Chapter 0194

907 S Detroit

Suite 1001

Tulsa, OK 74120


To Whom It May Concern:


I found SCORE in 2015 through a local presentation at my local Library on starting your own business. I was teamed up with Ron Roller who became my SCORE contact and trusted resource at that time as I was at the beginning stages of getting my business plan together and planning for my Float Center, H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House. This was my first business, and I relied on Ron and SCORE’S network to help me through the process. I obtained my attorney through SCORE. Most importantly, Ron connected me with a contact in New York who would become my tea provider for my tea house. Ron held my hand through the process of financing and connected me with a community lender. When my business finally made it to opening, Ron was there with a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion.


Ron has become a friend and trusted advisor. When I became part of bringing my UK-based Float Tank Manufacturer to the U.S., talking them into manufacturing in the states, Ron was one of the first people that I called. He checks in with me regularly and I am regularly contacting him with questions that are outside of my experience. He always follows up.


SCORE and, in particular, Ron Roller were crucial to my ability to open my own business. I’m grateful and cannot imagine what I would have done without the resources he and SCORE brought to me.


Most Sincerely,


Debra Worthington

Co-Owner of H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House


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